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Virtual consultation on Gecko Alliance’s corporate and division tag lines

Corporate Statement

Claude Dionne

Gecko Alliance Group

Creating products! Building relationships!


I was not at Gecko when the corporate state was written. I guess that it was partly inspired by our passion for products (Creating products!) and by the nature of the spa industry or the other sectors that we wanted to target with our ODM initiative (limited number of OEM targets with a stable group of key management people) and long-term “relationship and strategic selling” techniques (Building relationships!)

I will let Benoît expand on the reasoning and justifications of the tagline in the comment section.

"Should we stay or should we go?"

To paraphrase the Clash's famous song, in your opinion, should we stick with the actual corporate tagline or should we write something new?

Please use the comments section below to answer, brainstorm, make suggestions and express new ideas.

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