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Virtual consultation on Gecko Alliance’s corporate and division tag lines

Spa industry statement

Claude Dionne


Every product we make...


optimizes the spa and hot tub experience

All our control systems, keypads, pumps, apps and accessories add immediate value to the spas of your customers and contribute to make the user experience as satisfying and as perfect as possible.


boasts Gecko's signature design and engineering

All our products are remarkable in both form and function and boast impressive and innovative design and technology featured in reliable, safe, long-lasting and user-friendly turnkey solutions for spa manufacturers, dealers, technicians and users.


connects, integrates and performs in unison

We offer a real ecosystem where all the products we design and manufacture fit and work perfectly with one another, in harmony with our existing platforms and accessories to the users’ benefits.


Our "spa division" main and sub taglines:

Main tagline: Optimize your customers' spa experience

  • define our scope of action (spa experience)
  • target our main customers (spa oems, dealers, techs) and their own customers (spa and hot tub users) (your customers')

Sub taglines: Every product we make...

  • focus on the ultimate promise of our product lines (optimizes the spa and hot tub experience)
  • highlight our passion in terms of innovation, design and engineering (boasts Gecko's signature design and engineering) in products that have a unique, recognizable and obvious Gecko style
  • describe our planned and integrated ecosystem of products and solutions (connects, integrates and performs in unison)

"Should we stay or should we go?"

To paraphrase the Clash's famous song, in your opinion, should we stick with the main tagline and its "every product we make" declination of 3 subtaglines for the upcoming year or should we write something new?

Please use the comments section below to answer, brainstorm, make suggestions and express new ideas.

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